13 February 2013


My teeth have been wired for thirty days now. I've got twenty-three months to go.  From time to time I'm thinking....."I'm doing this, why?"

I've got little interest in food. Maybe I'll eat one proper meal a day and the rest of the time I'm drinking my meals. 

I found a superfood smoothie powder using pea protein based mixed in an unsweetened vanilla flavored hemp milk with a teaspoon of cod liver oil. Sometimes I'll juice up a bunch of veggies and spike the juice with the cod liver oil.  I also take a "fist full" of other supplements every morning to further fill in my nutritional gaps.

Like it or not, my husband is also on this new diet. I'd hate to think I'm not feeding him well enough.  He's okay with it as long as he can crunch away on nuts and other things I can't eat!

When I do cook a "proper meal", I end up eating it , my teeth complain loudly and soon I have a headache.

Next post:  "Are We Pottenger's Cats?"

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